Discovered in an old archive, a collection of Super8 films created by kids unveils the heart of Mirafiori. Once the cornerstone of Italy’s economic prowess, it descended into a haven of crime following FIAT’s decision to lay off 23,000 workers circa 1980. In a stroke of inspiration, a dedicated schoolteacher urged his students to channel their hopes, fears, and aspirations into raw, experimental filmmaking.

Today, Mirafiori has healed. These films hold the key to its transformation.

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“The Forgotten Treasure” (2019)
“Eletronica:Mentes” (2019)
“Ashes Wood and Stardust” (2021)
“theilmann” (2022)
“Lair’s Birthday” (2023)


Armed with a Super8 camera and a treasure trove of extraordinary archive images, Andrea Serafini embarks on a poignant journey back to Mirafiori, where the story of a neighborhood once on the brink of decline unfolds. This documentary delves into the neighborhood’s past during its darkest days, drawing from the rare archive of Super8 animated films. 

Interweaving these nostalgic relics with contemporary Super8 footage and the heartfelt testimonies of past and present residents, “Mirafiori, A Springtime” chronicles the evolution of a community initially forged to meet the demands of a bustling factory, yet ultimately finding resilience to weather the tumultuous 20th century and blossom into a vibrant, enduring community.