Asche, Holz und Sterne /// Ashes, Wood and Stardust (2021)

Where do we come from? Where do we go? While carpentering, beekeeping and going on joyrides in his funny car, Mr. Bulisch answers the big questions of his life.

GER 2021, 20 min

Regie – Tom Ehrhardt
Produktion – Tom Ehrhardt
Kamera – Tom Ehrhardt, Dácio Pinheiro
Musik – Janek Sprachta
Farbkorrektur – David Holfelder

Der Vergessene Schatz /// The Forgotten Treasure (2019)

An einem geheimen Ort in Brasilia lagert ein Schatz: die größte Privatsammlung non-konformer Kunst aus der DDR. Ihr Sammler, der brasilianische Diplomat Chagas Freitas, ist der Schlüssel zu einem fast vergessenen Kapitel deutscher Geschichte. Der Vergessene Schatz ist der erste abendfüllende Dokumentarfilm über die non-konforme Kunstszene der DDR. Künstler:innen wie Gerda Lepke, Max Uhlig, Stefan Plenkers, Peter Makolies, Karin Wieckhorst, Matthias Jackisch, Helge Leiberg und Hartwig Ebersbach, Angela Hampel und Sabine Herrmann kommen zu Wort.

A Brazilian diplomat realises that he has almost unconsciously assembled a unique and important collection of East German art from the Cold War era. Concerned about Brazil’s treatment of culture and feeling responsible for this amazing piece of art history of 1.200 works, he decides to bring it back to Germany. But 30 years after the fall of the wall, this art is still under scrutiny there.

GER/BRA 2019, 78 min

Regie – Tom Ehrhardt
Produktion – Tom Ehrhardt, Katharina Weser, Dácio Pinheiro
Kamera – Gustavo Hiroyuki Almeida
Schnitt – Carsten Piefke
Ton – Bianka Schulze
Musik – Janek Sprachta, Erik Wiesbaum
Farbkorrektur – David Holfelder

Eletronica:Mentes (2019)

How do electronic sounds impact our minds? What drives those pushing the boundaries of sonic experimentation? And why is the evolution of synthesized music so closely related to the evolution of society? “ELETRONICA:MENTES” takes a look inside the mental world of the Brazilian legends in this field, examining the forces, the experience and the effects of synthetically created noises and their distillation into popular music.

BRA/GER 2019, 78 min

Direction and production: Dácio Pinheiro
Photography: Denis Giacobelis
Musical direction and research: Paulo Beto
Executive production: Dácio Pinheiro, Tom Ehrhardt and Chica Mendonça