A deck of cards found on a flea market table is the key to Lenita Perroy’s extraordinary story. The classic French hand features a different figure of Brazilian celebrities of the sixties on each card, stylishly staged by an extremely skilled eye.

In the 1960s Lenita was an icon of fashion photography, in the seventies one of the few female filmmakers in South America and part of Brazilian high society, until the early eighties, when she gave it all up to devote herself to her two great passions: Fairy tales and horses. Inspired by the fables of her childhood, she had a dilapidated stud farm built where she took refuge in a fantasy away from the world.

Dácio Pinheiro’s documentary reveals, through her photographs and films, as well as the story of her rise in the world of breeding Arabian horses, the biography of an extraordinary woman to whom perfect beauty meant the world.

Only after discovering traces of her work around the world, Lenita Perroy, in the final year of her life, allows him entry into her world and explains herself for the first and last time.

Director: Dácio Pinheiro
Writers: Dácio Pinheiro, Duda Leite und Tom Ehrhardt
Production: Dácio Pinheiro, Tom Ehrhardt und André Botelho
Director of Photography: Gustavo Hiroyuki Almeida
Editor: Tali Yankelevich

(documentary, 80 min.)