A Brazilian diplomat realises that he has almost unconsciously assembled a unique and important collection of East German art. Concerned about his country’s treatment of culture and feeling responsible for this amazing piece of art history, he has to make up his mind what to do with it.


Director: Tom Ehrhardt
Producers: Tom Ehrhardt, Katharina Weser, Dácio Pinheiro
Director of Photography: Gustavo Hiroyuki Almeida
Editor: Carsten Piefke
Music: Janek Sprachta

“Brilliantly directed by Tom Ehrhardt, this documentary tells the story of artists who fought to be able to work freely in a period when art was dominated by Socialist Realism and was strictly controlled by the East German regime.”

International Festival of Films on Art, Montréal

Watch: Online discussion about the film between the director Tom Ehrhardt and Katharina Niemeyer, professor at the École des médias de l’UQAM