In 1931, classical composer Villa Lobos tours the Brazilian countryside via train. With a few artists, a violoncello and a grand piano in tow, he visits the beautiful theatres of the era. Officially, he aims to bring classical music to everyday people. In fact, he is trying to make a living. Unable to capitalise on his budding international fame because of travel restrictions enforced by the Vargas dictatorship, Villa must find a way forward. 

He tries to pay his debts, composes patriotic music to gain political favours and begins to estrange himself from the woman who helped make him famous: his wife Lucília. Told from her viewpoint, their private and professional relationship begins to unravel in performances, reflections and present-day interpretations of the end of their golden age.

Director: Dácio Pinheiro
Script: Dácio Pinheiro und Julia Katherine Okada
Producers: Dácio Pinheiro, André Botelho, Tom Ehrhardt
Dirctor of Photography: Gustavo Hiroyuki Almeida